Mr Potato Head: A Brief History Of Toys

Whilst younger generations will know Mr Potato Head as one of the main characters in Disney Pixar’s Toy Story series, the more seasoned toy fan may have had one long before the 1995 flick. Here’s the story behind the toy!

Real veg

George Lerner, a toy inventor from Brooklyn, came up with the idea of inserting plastic accessories into vegetables in the 1940s; allowing kids to make their own characters.

At first, when approaching toy companies with the idea, it was often rejected, because there were still recent memories of the Second World War, where food was rationed, and vegetables were treasured and savoured. However, he eventually managed to sell the idea to a breakfast cereal company, who distributed the accessories in their boxes.

In 1951, Hassenfeld Brothers (a company later renamed to Hasbro) found out about the idea. They loved the idea – mostly due to how drastically it varied from all their other products, so they bought the rights from the cereal company, and started production of ‘Mr Potato Head Funny Face Kits’.

The first toy advertised on TV

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